How to Make the Content of Private Facebook Profiles Accessible to You?

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There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the best means to stay connected with family and friends all over the world and is particularly popular among adults aged 25-30. Considering these demographics, you would expect civil behavior from its users, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, the real situation is different.

Anonymous offenders thrive on Facebook. However, it is, at the same time, a place where cyberbullying, blackmailing, and trapping occur every day. In its recent reports, CNN illustrated the cases that might surprise you. No wonder a lot of people choose to make their profiles hidden by privacy settings.

But the good news is that these days you can see the hidden info. Whether you want to do it to keep your child safe from cyber threats or get the details of your employees’ or your partner’s profile, it is possible with the outstanding tools known as the Facebook profile spy apps. 

What Is a Facebook Profile Spy App?

Facebook profile spy apps are specially designed applications that are used for monitoring or viewing someone’s private Facebook profile after being installed on the targeted device. Similarly, like any other spy apps, Facebook profile spy apps let you track the details of a Facebook account.  

They also enable you to spy on all the information in the targeted phone while running in a stealth mode on the targeted phone, without even letting the user have a hint about it. Below are the things that you can do with a Facebook spying app to view any Facebook profile.


The Facebook spy apps are designed in such a way that they let you view the full Facebook profile of someone, which is inclusive of the outgoing and received messages on Facebook Messenger. They also give you access to all the audio files exchanged through the chats, including voice messages. Along with the files and texts, you will get to view every minute detail, like type, date, recipient, online presence, etc. 

Private Details 

Using a Facebook spying app, you can easily view other information, including DOB, check-ins, liked pages and groups, interesting events, shared posts, Facebook Live streams, saved posts, profile privacy settings, etc. Moreover, you can access them on your own device: all you need to do to access your Control Panel and view the updates is log into your account on any device you own. So if you are thinking of how to see a private Facebook profile, then a spying app can help.


It’s quite impossible for you to view the details of the target profile unless it is open to the public. Moreover, the most essential information is always exchanged in private dialogues, and images and videos are no exception. Only by using a Facebook spy app can you learn that a kid is receiving improper pictures from someone or that an employee is sending someone the photos of the secret corporate documents. Nor would a cheating wife share her intimate photos anywhere but in the private conversations

Remote Control 

With the spy apps, you can gain control over the other features, such as blocking someone, changing the privacy settings, deleting photos, writing messages (if you are not afraid to alert your target person), or even deactivating the account.

How to View a Private Facebook Profile without Being Friends?

If you are thinking of becoming a Facebook private profile viewer, combine your soft skills with the legit spy apps to your advantage. See the tips below to view a private Facebook profile without being friends easily.

Install a Spy App on the Target Device 

Firstly, you need to create an account on the spyware app. Sign up by filling in the details, such as your email address or mobile number.

Then you will receive a confirmation link that you need to tap for activating your account. Choose the subscription plan based on the features needed for your purpose.

Now you can follow the installation steps:

  1. Choose the operating system on which your target is using: Android or iOS
  2. Get physical access to the target device. 
  3. Launch the browser on the target phone and type the link of the app to download.
  4. Run the installation file you downloaded and follow the prompts.
  5. Accept the License Agreement.

Now, using the Control Panel on your mobile or computer, you can quickly start monitoring each detail of your kid, partner, or employee’s Facebook account.

Use Social Engineering to Get in Touch

FB allows its account users to restrict their privacy in different ways. You can customize the privacy settings by the data types, including your profile picture, uploaded photos, shared posts in your timeline, and personal details. You can even select the individual in your friend list who will see a specific post.

Most people allow the friends of their friends to see as much as their immediate contacts. This is how you gain a sneak peek into their profile. Think about their social environment and people you both know that you can easily befriend on Facebook. Shortly after that, you will appear at the top of their recommended contacts as a new suggestion, and they may want to add you themselves.


Viewing a Facebook profile can give you a clear idea of its owner’s personality. However, this social network allows you to choose what to disclose to different groups of contacts. Viewing a private Facebook profile can equip you with essential details and even help you solve your problems.

Use the advanced modern technologies and your own social skills to get the information you need and use it to your advantage. Combine them depending on how much information you need and your purpose.



  • Sounds like a great app. Just curious, does this work for Instagram too? Been trying to gain access to my girlfriend’s Instagram account for a while now and without any success. Would be great if this app worked on both social platforms.

  • From all I’ve read, it would seem you can only legit spy on people if you have access to their phone? I wish spy apps would invent a way to install these monitoring apps on people’s phones remotely.

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