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Best Spy Apps for Android without Target Phone

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“Is it true that we can spy on any Android phone without physically accessing it? Do you know about a spy app for Android without target phone?”

If you also have a query like this, then you have landed at the right place. A lot of users out there would like to spy on an Android device without accessing it. In the last few years, plenty of global brands have come up with advanced Android phones. This includes the latest series of devices manufactured by Google, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei, and more. Truth to be told – even the most advanced devices can be hacked. In this post, we will make you clear about a spy app for Android without target phone.

Spy on Android phones

There could be numerous of reasons for you to look for a spy app for Android without target phone. Here are some prominent reasons for it:

  • Parents like to know how their kids are using the device and whether they are safe or not.
  • Companies also wish to monitor the device of their employees, making sure they won’t leak any sensitive information.
  • People in a relationship like to track the smartphone of their spouse to ensure whether they are being faithful or not.
  • Individuals also like to spy on the smartphone of their siblings, parents, friends, and loved ones for different reasons.

Is it possible to spy Android phone without target phone?

In a nutshell – you can’t spy on any Android device without accessing the target phone at least once. You might see lots of gimmicks out there, advertising about a spy app for Android without target phone. After buying the app, you will be told to install it on the target device. This false advertisement leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Therefore, if you are using a spy app for Android without target phone, you need to understand that it will require you to access the device at least once. After installing the app on the device, you can later track it remotely.

mSpy: the best spy app for Android

cell phone tracker mspy

One of the best spying solutions for an Android device is mSpy. You would only have to install the app once on the target device. Later, you can delete the app and let it run in a stealth mode. The tool has a Control Panel mobile app and a web-based dashboard that offers an in-depth detail related to the target device. Here are some of its other features:

  1. You can track the real-time location of the device.
  2. No need to root your device to use mSpy.
  3. It can track call logs, messages, browsing history, photos, notes, and more.
  4. The app can also be used to spy on all the popular social media and IM apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and so much more.
  5. It runs in a complete stealth mode.
  6. It comes with lots of advanced features like call recording, surrounding recording, keylogging, geo-fencing, etc.
  7. Compatible with all the leading Android devices

How to Use the Spy App for Android?

Since you only have to access the target phone once to use mSpy, it can be considered as a perfect spy app for Android without target phone. To use it, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your new account by providing your email id and setting up a password.
  2. On the next window, you need to provide some basic information about the device you wish to hack and its user.
  3. Great! You are almost there. All you need to do is access the target device and install the mSpy tracking app on it. To do this, you might need to go to its Settings > Security and turn on the app download from unknown sources.
  4. After that, just visit mSpy’s website and download its tracking app. While logging-in, make sure that you provide your own credentials.
  5. Grant the app the needed permissions and start tracking the device. Also, you can delete the app icon and let it run in the stealth mode.
  6. That’s it! You can easily spy on the device by using its Control Panel mobile app or from its web-based dashboard. Log-in with your account details and gain an extensive access to its data.

How to spy on cell phone without target phone (for iPhone)?

android phones

After learning the truth about the spy app for Android without target phone, you might like to know the same for iOS devices as well. If you know the iCloud credentials of the account that is linked to the target phone, then you can spy on it without accessing the device. This is because iCloud storage is linked to almost all the crucial details of the device. This includes its call logs, messages, WhatsApp data, browser history, notes, and more.

Therefore, without the need of installing the app on the target iOS device, you can track it. All you need is the Apple ID and password of the account associated with it. Most of the employees link their company account to it while giving the device to their employees. You call also link your own iCloud account to it before giving the device to your kids or spouse as well.

In this way, you can track the device without the need to jailbreak it. mSpy allows an ideal way to do the same by following these steps:

  1. While making your mSpy account, you would be asked to select the platform of the target device. Instead of Android, select iOS here.
  2. This will lead you to the following interface, where you need to log-in using the Apple ID and password of the account (linked to the target device).
  3. After that, you can visit the mSpy dashboard and let it sync with the device automatically. From here, you can access all the vital information related to the target iPhone.
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Is It Possible to Track iPhone or Android Location for Free?

localize mobi

If you don’t ever want to risk touching your target’s phone when you want to track someone’s location, you should consider This highly versatile web app enables you to track a person by phone number anytime remotely, regardless of the type of phone or network provider they’re currently using. You can track a person by cell phone number to within a few meters accuracy, no matter which part of the world they’re in.

To set up to track someone’s phone number, you need to follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the web app on your browser and then enter the phone number you want to track.
localize mobi

2. Send your target an SMS which, when opened, allows to track your target’s location automatically. You can either use the default message or craft your custom message. 

localize mobi

3. Once you send your message to your target from your user dashboard, all you have to do is wait for your target to open the message.

localize mobi

4. After that, you’ll then begin to track a phone number location without them knowing by reading up timely updates of their previous and current locations from the convenience of your smartphone.

localize mobi

All that is for just $1, so you shouldn’t worry about the price if you are on a budget.

We hope that the tutorial would have helped you to know more about the spy app for Android without target phone. You can also share it with your friends and help them understand how a spy app for Android without target phone actually works. Just take the assistance of mSpy, install the tracking app on the device once, and start spying on it remotely. It is really as simple as that!



  • It doesn’t work! Free spy apps are scams, but the paid ones are not any better. It doesn’t send data in real-time and is totally unusable if the target person backs up often. For my $50 a month, spy app services are just expensive pieces of junk!

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