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Who We Are

Meet Mobile Solutions is a mobile tracking and monitoring blog dedicated to providing you the most practical resources for keeping tabs on the mobile devices of children, partners, and employees to improve trust and security.

MobiliMeet stands on the shoulders of a devoted team of experienced IT experts and veterans. This website recognizes your privacy and works with you to protect it.

About MobiliMeet

MobiliMeet is also known as Meet Mobile Solutions. We provide vital information to help you stay safe in the digital world. With this info, you can better trust those you deal with every day.

The world gets more digital daily. Almost everything has been digitized. That means we do a lot of things with tech. For example, we run our businesses, maintain relationships, hold meetings, find locations, and build social lives.

This exposes us to new threats that the world has not fully adapted to yet. According to the Federal Trade Commission, fraud affects 25 million people. How can we trust the people we deal with online (and offline) every day?

The truth is, there are solutions available to solve this problem of trust. And our goal is to introduce them to you.

Our blog presents you with a treasure trove of resources to help you monitor and track mobile devices. Your reasons could be to keep tabs on a loved one for their safety, catch a cheater, monitor how employees use your digital resources, or choose to trust someone. Whatever those reasons may be, we show you step-by-step how to get it done.

We are experts in cyber-surveillance and mobile technology. All our tips, how-to articles, and information guides are expert-vetted to work at no risk to you, your privacy, and your safety.

Our goal is to educate millions to use tech to improve trust in relationships. We do this with easy-to-understand and up-to-date articles and guides.

We envision a world that’s safer and more trustworthy because everyone has the information they need, irrespective of their level of tech know-how.

We strictly observe respect for privacy and protect your data on our website. We have a privacy policy that puts 100% of the control of your data in your hands.

Browse our blog and learn more about mobile tracking and monitoring to help you choose who to trust, catch a cheater, protect friends and family, and ultimately, protect yourself.

Our Team Members

Here’s our team of seasoned experts that provide you priceless information in the field of cyber-surveillance, mobile technology, parental control, cybersecurity, and mobile monitoring.

Thomas Lee

Thomas is an IT consultant for small businesses all over the world. He’s been advising on employee monitoring. Also, he advises on online security for those brands that don’t have the weight of Fortune 500 companies to withstand cyber threats.

12 years ago, he took the leap from teaching cybersecurity to actively practicing and consulting on it. Since then, he loves to share his knowledge to help people use the Internet safely. He writes his guides like the teacher he is and helps keep MobiliMeet up-to-date.

Ingrid Myers

Ingrid is a master’s degree holder in computer science and cloud architect of 6 years. She’s a mother of 2 teenagers and therefore understands the headache that comes with keeping them safe online. Children are trusting and could fall into the danger of online criminals.

As she keeps a protective eye on her kids, she educates other parents like her on how she does it. She writes parents-friendly and easy-to-use guides about mobile surveillance to better protect loved ones.

Sophia Chavez

Sophia is an experienced freelance mobile app developer for the past 10 years. Years back, she walked out of a relationship with an unfaithful partner. She says she would not have known she was in love with the wrong person if she did not act on her instincts and probed for more information.

Today, she helps readers of MobiliMeet trust their guts and stamp out insincere people from their lives.