Not Working With Meeting Management? Then It’s About Time.

Posted on December 8, 2014

Try answering these questions: What is the total cost of meetings in your organization? How many hours does your staff spend in meetings per week or per day? How many of those meetings could be spared and devoted to something more productive? Do your meetings have the effect you are looking for? 

If your company or organization is investing large amounts of time in meetings, these and many more questions are relevant to address.

Time and money is wasted

According to recent studies in Sweden, we spend about 60% of our working time in meetings and, according to the same survey, we can calculate that approximately 50% of that time is wasted. For a company with 200 employees and an average hourly rate of 32 Euros per hour, this is a cost of close to 2000 Euro per hour for nothing. No, that’s not a typo – for nothing!

You may have already known this. It’s certainly no surprise that we spend tons of time in meetings in the modern and collaborative workplace, but the question is - What can you do to make it better and save both time and money?  The answer is Meeting Management. 

What is Meeting Management?

“Meeting Management is a disciplined and structured approach to managing enterprise-wide meeting and event activities, processes, suppliers and data in order to achieve measurable business objectives that align with the organization’s strategic goals/vision.” 

Most companies today have a brand management strategy, a sales management strategy, a marketing management strategy, a business management plan etc. But not many companies that have a Meeting Management plan – yet!

Start Today

Start working with a Meeting Management plan for your company today. Having well managed meetings will begin to save your company time and money, and save your employees a whole lot of agony.

Tips and steps to create a Meeting Management plan:
1. Identify a meeting definition within your company
2. Identify the people in the organization who will plan and implement meetings
3. Create a meeting policy
4. Select the right technology to make the meeting process easier
5. Create a strategic meeting plan annually
6. Create a meeting toolbox
7. Evaluate the meeting process with reporting and analysis to learn and improve
8. Bring a smile to every meeting

by Kristina Landeström

Kristina has worked as a meetings and events consultant at numerous companies and brands throughout her career. In addition to this she has won awards and been President of the Swedish chapter of the prestigious meeting organization MPI, Meeting Professionals International. Kristina is currently the founder of Metamorphos Kommunikation, offering education and consultant services within meetings, events and communication.

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