Welcome to the all-new Mobilimeet

Posted on March 10, 2016

About a year ago we reached out to you to tell you about our vision to change the way meetings are handled, making them less stressful and more productive and organized. At that time we released a preview of Mobilimeet, as we were eager to get feedback and to turn our vision into a mission and ultimately a reality. Today we are happy to announce that the all-new Mobilimeet is now live and we’ve packed it with lots of new good things to help you get real work done in meetings.

sign up on our website now and you’re a step closer to having better and more organized meetings.

Check out what’s new:

A Brand New Webapp

With our new web app you can use Mobilimeet on your desktop, laptop or tablet, and on any smartphone with a browser too for that matter. This offers you the flexibility to start planning a meeting on your smartphone when you’re out and about and continue doing so when you’re back in the office in front of your computer. Switch seamlessly between devices at any point in time – simple and flexible.

Easier RSVP and Invitations

No more invitation codes to keep track of. A meeting you’ve been invited to appears in your meeting list for you to look through and then you simply RSVP inside the meeting to let everyone know if you’ll be attending. We’ve also made inviting participants easier. Just send out a link to a meeting for participants to click on to easily get access to the meeting.

Personalized Invitations

Personalized invitations
Compose a message to the people you’re inviting to give that invitation a personalized touch. Alternatively pick a pre-written message, informal or formal depending on the type of meeting.

Intuitive Meeting Overview

Meeting Overview
The new overview of a meeting enables you to get a more comprehensive view of a meeting and allows for swifter access to all information and participants. This means everyone has to spend less time getting a grasp of a meeting. And we all know time is valuable.

Flexible Agenda

It’s now considerably easier to change an agenda. Just rearrange agenda points by dragging and dropping them in the order you want them.

Improved Meeting List

Meeting list
The Mobiimeet meeting list now has better sorting to make it easier and quicker for you to browse through your meetings.

Additional Info in Locations

You can now add more information about the location of a meeting, such as for example which meeting room you’ll be using or if there’s any other important information to consider concerning the location.

Upload Documents via Desktop

Now in addition to dropbox attachments you can upload files from your desktop for easier handling of documents in your meetings.

And there’s more… Explore for yourself now!

We will be sure to keep you updated on future releases. We have a ton of exciting new features to come and hope that Mobilimeet will make your meetings awesome from now on.
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