Meetings without email

Posted on May 23, 2014

Consider the amount of emails required to plan, execute, and follow up a typical business meeting. First you need to co-ordinate and find a date and time that suits everyone. Then there’s collaboration on the agenda and other documents needed for the meeting. During the meeting, you will spend a considerable amount of time looking for additional documents and information, often residing in your email inbox. And after the meeting, you’re likely to send meeting minutes, follow-up tasks and to-do items back and forth via email to achieve what you’ve decided to accomplish.

And that’s just for ONE meeting… How many meetings do you have during a normal work week?

20 years ago, email evolved to become the default way of workplace and business communication. It was a great improvement over the traditional methods with an abundance of phone calls and printed memos. However, today we spend hours and hours each day dealing with too many emails (not to mention email attachments), and email has in fact become a burden for most business professionals. In 2014, email is no longer up to the task. We need to improve the way we communicate.

Imagine that you would be able to accomplish all of the communication needed before, during, and after a meeting without your email inbox. That’s a key part of our vision and why we created Mobilimeet. We’ve set out on a mission to revolutionize team communication in general and meeting communication in particular.

In our first release, you will get a preview of how we plan to re-engineer meetings from the ground up.  Stay tuned for more.

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