Meeting Preparation

Meeting Documents in Mobilimeet App

Mobilimeet will help you to be prepared before, organized during, and up-to-date all the way. Maybe things are hectic sometimes and there is little time to plan for a meeting. With Mobilimeet it’s easy to draft meetings. You can start your meeting preparations on the go and finish everything at a later stage.

Say you know you need to set up a meeting to discuss an important matter at a specific date and time but you don’t have time to create the agenda right now. Or you don’t know which information to share or exactly who to invite. Using Mobilimeet makes it easy to draft the meeting first and edit those details of the meeting later. You can also be more time efficient and plan the meeting on the go, such as on the bus on your way to work or in between meetings. You are mobile and so is Mobilimeet.

So set up your next meeting with Mobilimeet and start exploring!