Meeting Documents

Meeting Documents in Mobilimeet App

If you’re using email to send out documents prior to a meeting, you’re not alone. And if you’ve ever painstakingly shoveled through your inbox to find the document you need, we feel your pain.

One of the keys to an efficient meeting is making sure everyone is well briefed, however using email to do so is not the best way.

Email is making you dumber. A study by the University of London suggests that the IQ falls 10 points when you’re constantly checking email! Don’t subject yourself or your participants to this.

Mobilimeet changes all that

Mobilimeet lets you work smarter. You can add meeting documents to a meeting by simply connecting to your Dropbox account (yes, we are working on enabling access to more online storage solutions). Replacing a document or adding more documents is possible at any point. Regardless, everyone knows where to find the proper documents at all times, whether it’s a new meeting or an old one.

With that said, keep that IQ up and everyone well briefed with Mobilimeet from now on!