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Let every meeting count

Remove common reasons for poorly executed meetings like “We didn’t have an agenda” or “We didn’t manage the time well”. Collaborate anywhere. Mobilimeet works on any device, so whether you are at the office or out traveling you can make sure everyone is up to speed and that your next meeting runs smoothly. Try Mobilimeet for free today and start having engaging and productive meetings.

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Participation and Discussion


Make your meetings interactive

Stay up to date with who’s attending a meeting and interact with participants in advance of a meeting or follow-up afterwards. Mobilimeet allows for a constant flow of ideas, questions and more to take place at any point in the meeting process – the discussion never has to stop.
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Keep them organized

Get a simple overview of all scheduled meetings and swiftly access any one. Create an agenda swiftly to provide clarity and share any documents or other supporting materials that need to be addressed. No more confusion before or during a meeting. Everyone will stay in the loop at all times.
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Meeting Creation
Direction and Notifications


Get engaged

Mobilimeet makes it easy to get everyone involved all the way from planning to follow-up. By inviting participants to take part in setting up meetings and continuously providing feedback and input on objectives, agenda topics and more, the engagement increases and outcomes substantially improve. So increase collaboration early on within your team or with other participants and spare everyone from experiencing that meeting frustration.
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Set up meetings on the go

Set up a meeting with coworkers or other participants quickly and easily while you are out-and-about. Provide a purpose and objective for the meeting, categorize the meeting, set an agenda, share crucial documents, invite participants and collaborate wherever and whenever you need.
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Meeting Creation
Direction and Notifications


Stay informed

Taking notes during meetings and sharing them couldn’t be easier with Mobilimeet. Not only can everyone in a meeting take part in taking notes but notes are also shared instantly in real-time, making it easy follow along. And if you want to take notes that are private to you, then you can easily do that too.
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Seamless collaboration before, during and after

Mobilimeet lets you and your coworkers, or any other participants, work together from the planning stage of a meeting and onwards. Switch seamlessly between your devices at any point in time without loosing context or changes. Regardless of where you are you can access all your synced meeting information. We know you’re on the run, and Mobilimeet is right there with you.

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