Don’t turn your smartphone off in meetings

Posted on June 16, 2014

Meetings take up a large part of our working hours and I am sure that on more than one occasion you’ve thought that the time spent could have been spent better elsewhere. And you wouldn’t be alone in thinking so.

Unproductive meetings have a foothold

Statistics tell us that professionals loose a staggering 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings. Don’t expect things to be much different if you’re a top executive, because surveys go on to show that if you’re a CEO 34 percent of the time spent in meetings are deemed unnecessary or unproductive. There are even surveys in which 39 percent of meeting participants admit to having dozed off during a meeting! In short, it’s safe to say that unproductive meetings constitute a noticeable problem today.

Clinging on to analogue tools

So maybe you’ve acknowledge this fact as well at some point and decided to try and do something about it. There are a number of ways that meetings can become more productive, by having a clear agenda, making sure participants are up to date with the purpose of a meeting and so forth. And when you read through the numerous tips out there in books, articles etc. on how to have effective meetings, you will most likely find that a recurring suggestion is to turn off your smartphone when you’re in a meeting. This because your smartphone steals your attention away from the meeting. At first glance this could make sense, unless you make sure that it actually adds value to have it on. As a matter of fact, it’s arguable that the absence of technology in meetings today poses more of a problem in the challenge with having effective meetings. Reflecting on statistics once more, a recent survey states that we tend to cling on to analogue tools in meetings. For example, the whiteboard is the second most used tool at meetings and 1 out of 3 meeting participants still uses a notepad. Although, concurrently 89 percent believe technology will make meetings easier.

Take the leap to mobile

We applaud those 89 percent. Because we are strong believers in using smartphones in the way that they are intended to be used – in a smart way. In doing so they are not a distraction, but instead they’re all about interaction. This is what we want to provide with Mobilimeet. Mobilimeet takes into account many of the tips on how to run efficient meetings and puts the important things you need in order to do so right at your fingertips. Having that clear agenda available at all times, being directly connected with other participants and never being more than a tap away from accessing all those crucial documents, these are just a few things you can do with Mobilimeet on your smartphone. We also believe that successful meetings start well in advance of the actual meeting by being prepared and up to date, and that they end long after by enabling follow-ups and keeping the dialogue going.

So the next time you decide to have a meeting, have it with Mobilimeet and experience how having your smartphone on keeps you from adding more hours to that pile of unproductive meeting hours.

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