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Free the world from bad meetings

If you're like most people you spend on average a third of your working week in meetings. Half of that time is considered to be inefficient. This means you’re losing about 2 months a year in unproductive meetings! No wonder meetings are considered to be one of the top productivity killers in the workplace.
We have set out to change this and are on mission to free the world from bad meetings. We think meetings should be joyful and productive experiences, every time. No matter when or where you are, if you are running meetings or attending them, you should always feel engaged, up-to-date and frustration-free. You should value your time. We do.

“Mobilimeet takes a truly innovative and efficient approach to manage any type of meeting in a compelling and intuitive way, and furthermore enables meetings to be not only highly organized but also cost efficient and interactive at all times.”
- Kristina Landeström, Chairman of the Board, MPI Sweden


Joachim Lerulf

Joachim is an experienced entrepreneur and previous co-founder of Tailsweep (sold in 2011). He has extensive experience from senior management roles in industries such as Media, Telecom and Internet.

Magnus Ingvarsson

Magnus is an experienced Internet entrepreneur and business developer. As one of the founders of Projectplace in 1998 (sold in 2009), he’s a pioneer in Web applications and Software-as-a-Service.

Micke Darmell, Stefan Öberg, Rikard Steiber, Anna Nordell, Per Söderström

At Mobilimeet you will have the chance to work in a fast-paced startup in an international environment. We are located in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. Get in touch with us at: jobs@mobilimeet.com


Currently there are no open positions.


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