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“Meet Anna” – the Meeting Organizer

Like most business professionals, Anna struggles with inefficient meetings and widespread meeting frustration. That is, until she discovered Mobilimeet…

Set up a smart meeting in minutes

Mobilimeet is intuitive and helps you become a meeting maestro by helping you set up smart meetings fast.
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Enjoy collaborative and productive meetings

Mobilimeet makes your team and everyone you meet with more engaged, from planning and execution to follow-up actions. Any meeting will be more engaging, productive, and organized with Mobilimeet.

Assign actions and keep track of progress wherever you are

Assign actions and keep track of progress from any device at any time. Agenda, notes, documents, actions, messages and more are saved and accessible wherever you are.

Handle meetings like a pro with a variety of features.

Mobilimeet’s features help you have collaborative and engaging meetings, making it easy to take action in every meeting, every day.
Meetings at a glance

Get a simple overview of all your meetings – past, present and future.

RSVP status

Make sure everyone knows who’s attending a meeting or not.

Calendar integration

Easily access all your meeting information from your calendar of choice, by simply adding your meetings from Mobilimeet.

Meeting timer

Keep track of time so meetings start and end on time.

Meeting purpose

Make your meetings less confusing and more clear by sharing the purpose of a meeting in a simple way ahead of time.

Online indicators

See when your team mates or meeting participants are online so you can interact with them.

Agenda creation

Swiftly create an agenda for everyone to collaborate on prior to a meeting.

Notes and Minutes

Take notes and meeting minutes to share and save for post-meeting review, or add private notes.

Assign actions

Assign action items and set deadlines to keep track of who does what and when, and easily follow progress.


Attach any documents or files needed as supporting material before the meeting, even on-the-go.


Send quick messages directly within the meeting instead of painstakingly having to go through long and cumbersome email threads.

Notifications and Reminders

Get notified via email when important changes take place and receive email reminders so that you never miss a meeting.

Praised by media and industry associations

Mobilimeet is listed as one of the Superstartups of the Year (2015)

Mobilimeet receives the award “Best help for Small Businesses” at Internet Discovery Day IDD

“Mobilimeet allows greater involvement of team members in all stages of a session from planning to execution.”ToolOwl

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